Armando Rodriguez


As the owner and president of Ocean Springs Tech, Inc., Inc, I would like to invite you to experience a sparkling pool and spa with no worries. I'm here to help you in improving the look and feel of your pool and spa.

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The story of Ocean Springs Tech, Inc. began in 1996. Armando Rodriguez was an employee of a Coachella Valley resort working primarily in the maintenance department, which included servicing the site pool and spa. Friends began to ask for his help in taking care of their pools or asked Armando to help someone else they knew. As this assistance grew, it was suggested to Armando that he should start a pool maintenance service company. Ocean Springs Tech, Inc. was born.

As Ocean Springs’ reputation grew, Armando decided to pursue his business venture full-time. This leap of faith and dedication built a solid foundation for his business. Through hard work, networking, continuing education and seeking advice from persons willing to mentor him or share their knowledge, Ocean Springs Tech, Inc. quickly became a trusted Company in the Coachella Valley. With a current staff of 28 employees, Ocean Springs Tech, Inc. hires and trains the best in the field.

Meet the


Mayra Diaz

Office Manager

Mayra has been with Ocean Springs for over 15 years and her responsibilities include all aspects of financial management, including accounting, financial reporting and budget preparation, as well as helping develop internal control policies and procedures. You can reach Mayra at (760) 329-8933 ext. 110

Lorlene Higa

Accounting Clerk

Lorlene is an accounting professional with over 14 years of experience. Her responsibilities include Process and schedule Pool/Spa Filter Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance, Heater Maintenance and Salt Cell Maintenance. She also processes the invoicing for these types of services. You can reach Lorlene (760) 329-8933 at ext. 107

Flor Puentes

Human Resources Assistant

Flor currently serves as HR assistant for the company providing administrative support for HR Department, maintains employee confidence and protects operations by keeping human resource information confidential and maintains quality service by following company standards. You can reach Flor (760) 329-8933 at ext. 113

Alicia Segura

Business Development and Marketing Representative

Alicia holds 2 years of experience in marketing. She is responsible for welcoming all new business and is also responsible for having direct face to face contact with our clients to ensure their needs are met. Alicia also manages company marketing materials and projects.

Janetth Saavedra

Administrative Assistant

Janetth joined Ocean Springs in 2015. As an administrative assistant she is responsible for maintaining the day to day functions of the office by managing and distributing information within the office. You can reach Janetth (760) 329-8933 at ext. 100

Adam Sanchez

Business Relations Specialist

Adam serves as a Business development specialist for Ocean Springs. In this role, his responsibility is to have direct face to face contact with our clients to ensure our customers are satisfied. He is certified in Leadership Management and Non-Profit Organizational Management. Adam has been with Ocean Springs since January 2016.

Laura Gutierrez

Construction Liaison

Laura holds over 10 years of administrative construction experience. She works closely with our construction manager and is responsible for auditing labor, material and equipment billing submissions, drafting correspondences and other formal documentation. You can reach Laura (760) 329-8933 at ext. 106