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Water Features

Water Features

Water features have an outstanding ability to transform a swimming pool. You can give your pools a focal point and create a soothing ambiance through different water feature styles. Ocean Springs Tech offers a variety of water feature styles that include sheet, chute, and trough.

Salt Systems

Salt Systems

With a top of the line salt system from Ocean Springs Tech, you can enjoy the benefit of a more consistent sanitation system. Salt systems are responsible for creating its own chlorine to keep your pool in great conditions to swim in. Contact Ocean Springs Tech today to learn more.

Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor Living Areas

Create the perfect outdoor living space for maximum relaxation, hosting family barbecues, and more. Ocean Springs Tech can help you create a beautiful oasis through modern designs and timeless touches that bring your space together for comfort and value.



From waterfalls to slides and streams, we can do it all. Ocean Springs Tech is an experienced mason specialist. Our professionals can build outstanding rock features that add a natural touch of beauty and Zen. Explore different rockscape concepts and find the perfect one for you, here!



Light up the night with beautiful pool lighting. You can have the perfect floating LED lights or underwater lighting by working with Ocean Springs Tech. With our lighting solutions, you are certainly going to transform your outdoor environment into something more luxurious.

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